Dr. Grandinetti has designed, produced, coordinated, and conducted thousands of seminars and keynote speaches throughout North America. He is the author of various educational programs currently utilized by numerous organizations throughout the United States.

Dr. Grandinetti guarantees high energy presentations, evoking passion and reform within your organization. He researches and customizes each presentation to meet your organization’s specific objectives. Dr. Grandinetti has managed and navigated many leading companies through changes to alter their company culture to one of excellence.


Dr. Grandinetti applied his unique future and planning skill sets in restructuring the long-term strategy of a major New England window supplier. Upon losing their primary vendor, they lost 80% of their sales overnight. Less than two years after this tragedy and after working with Dr. Grandinetti, this organization found their income and profitability mirroring the same health and vigor they enjoyed three years prior.

Dr. Grandinetti created and implemented the company-wide educational program for the material supplier who is number one in sales dollars, per employee, worldwide. This program remains the core of their educational initiative today.


Bachelors of Arts in Business

Baldwin Wallace College, 1982

Masters of Business Administration

La Salle University, 1986

Doctor of Philosophy

Ashley University, 2013

Since 1989, Dr. Grandinetti has employed a hands-on approach to consulting with organizations to produce results in

efficiency, organizational culture change,

productivity, profit, leadership, & service.

He will demonstrate to your organization the step-by-step process to achieve this world-class status.

Addressing many of the nation’s leaders in military logistic at LOGTECH, UNC-Chapel Hill


97% of the organizations Dr. Grandinetti has consulted with since 1989 have prospered even through the downward economy.

Consults with the third largest home improvement chain in the world and designed a program which enabled the organization to have the prestigious honor of being ranked Number 1 in sales per employee in the world.

Has consulted, designed and facilitated programs for organizations such as: Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Joint Chief’s of Staff, U.S. Army, U.S. Marines, The Pentagon, DEA, Sherriff’s departments throughout the U.S., Menards, and GlaxoSmithKline to improve productivity, sales and profits and many others.

Has worked with numerous organizations to prevent them from failing, saving and creating thousands of jobs over the course of his career.

Dr. Grandinetti has been honored by two and three star Generals of the Army and Marines for his continued work to protect the war fighters and to ensure that the Depots and Arsenals of the United States Military are efficient and effective.

A leading advocate investigating and exposing molestation and sexual assault among Native American women and children.


See Jane Succeed: A Seminar Just for Women


  • How to increase your bottom line, profits and sales
  • Learn to lead any team to success
  • What men really think about women in the workplace, women leadership, women in sales and how women dress

How to Succeed in any Economy “Guaranteed”


  • Why those who “service the best profit the most”
  • Why companies fail and succeed
  • How to create a culture of Excellence in any organization
  • How exceptional service can make your organization profit in any economy
  • How to transform your organization from Good to Great

How to Increase Sales and Profits in any Organization


  • The profound difference between Professional Selling and “peddling”
  • How to ask the right questions so you do not have to sell your customers
  • How to prevent objections vs. overcome them
  • How exceptional service can generate sales
  • How everyone in your organization is a salesperson

The Power of Networking in Person


  • The mistakes most people make when networking and how to avoid those mistakes
  • The top 3 fears most people have in networking and how to turn those fears into profits for you
  • How to introduce yourself so that you will be unforgettable
  • How to harness the networking power of every individual you meet
  • Three things you should do after every networking event

How to Lead for Excellence


  • Why servant leadership is the quintessential form of leadership in any organization
  • How servant leadership elevates loyalty among the organization and the community
  • How to communicate as a leader to get improved results
  • How to deal with difficult internal (co­workers) and external customers
  • How to lead for increased productivity

How to Leverage the Power of People in your Organization


  • Learn how to uncover, discover and discard “poison” within your organization and your life.
  • Understand how to educate: People train dogs. Organizations educate people.
  • Learn how to engage the mind of each and every staff member. Anything else “below the neck is minimum wage.”
  • Understand that all products look alike. Elite people and organizations prosper by differentiating themselves from the competition.
  • Understand the philosophy: “Do not worry that the people you educate will leave. Worry that the people you do not educate will stay”.


Rick Grandinetti’s dedication to our company’s success through his educational programs and leadership skills has propelled our organization to be a leader in Customer Excellence. Menards has attained the highest sales per employee for the mass merchants in the entire world. Larry Menard and I believe that this achievement is due largely to the efforts of Rick Grandinetti.

Zach Boaz

Director of Training, Menards

LOGTECH is a leader in education and Rick Grandinetti represents us fabulously by energizing our advanced program with cutting edge information presented in an exciting format that all participants find thought provoking and entertaining. The scores and comments attributed to Rick’s presentation by the participant valuation speak for themselves:”•“The best session of the week! We need more dynamic speakers such as Rick.

William P Buzzi

Director of Program Operations, LOGTECH (Keenan-Flagler School of Business, UNC-Chapel Hill)

Your energy and enthusiasm have been a real motivation. Thank you for sharing your Service Excellence Program with my partners in both the Southwest and Mid-South regions. All attendees were truly TOUCHED!”

Joe Ryan

President, Unisource Southwest

“During the period 1996-1998, Mr. Grandinetti assisted in navigating Defense Personnel Support Center (DPSC) and it successor organization Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP) through cultural changes caused by base realignment and closure requirements by tapping into and increasing the human capital to achieve excellence. Mr. Grandinetti facilitated and conducted ongoing training /education which escalated leadership, service and management skills throughout the organization. As a result of Mr. Grandinetti’s efforts, DSCP was able to increase sales from $4.0 B in 1998 to over $13B today.

In addition, Mr. Grandinetti facilitated a similar organizational culture change at Defense Logistics Agency’s Document Services Activity. Our country owes a debt of gratitude to Mr. Grandinetti for his work in improving the effectiveness of and efficiencies of our military warriors and civilian employees. I highly recommend that Mr. Grandinetti be sought out to assist any organization that desires to be highly competitive and achieve world class status!”

Major General Proctor (Ret)

United States Army

“Please accept my sincerest, personal thanks for your tremendous support and appreciation of our uniformed servicemen and women, our federal civilian workforce, and the service support contractors of the Naval Surface Warfare Center Port Hueneme Division ( PHD) as our keynote speaker during the Product Support Forum. You share the same passion we do for selfless service the sailors on the front lines, and your energy and enthusiasm toward servant leadership is inspiring and insightful.
It is a sincere honor and privilege to host you, once again, to invigorate our dedicated team of professionals. According to Laurie Beth Jones in Jesus, CEO, “ The principle of service is what separates true leaders from glory seekers.” In our eyes, you are a “true leader”! From all of us, thank you for your time and your commitment to furthering a bright and bold future for this command and our Product Support community. “

D.M Lockney

Captain SC, USN, Naval Surface Warfare Center Port Hueneme Division

I am writing to let you know what an influence the Vision Planning Program has made our company. By the time our entire company had finished this educational opportunity, you and I have been working steadily together for a year and a half. It was a large undertaking and not at all inexpensive! With that said, it was the best money I have ever invested in my company. No piece of manufacturing equipment or benefit provided to assist my people has done more to change our company EVER!

It has been seven years since we began this journey together. I have continued to reinvest in my company and the people by educating new employees every couple years. Most recently you and I developed a WOW! Customer Service refresher class for all our people that helped them again understand the sales opportunities we all face every day and the impressions we leave with each other. Understanding our “Points of Impact” and dedicating ourselves to the extra 1% has created a take charge, take no prisoner, industry aggressive company that was proven itself time and time again during a down economy

I cannot thank you enough for helping Mathews Brothers become an industry leader.

Scott L. Hawthorne

President, Mathews Brothers